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Quibble App is Launched in Shopify App Store

We are delighted our new App for Shopify Merchants has been launched in the Shopify App store and we have received our first 5 star review.

Quibble is a private price negotiation tool, which allows the shopper to offer the price they want to pay on a product in a private manner. This helps you the merchant, get rid of stock without publicity discounting the price, it also shows you the price people are willing to pay for your product and engages the visitor before they go elsewhere. You can then accept, reject or counter the offer. The counter offer feature is great fun! And it’s all private.

Another great feature is Quibble Marketplace –, when you install the app, you have the option to select products you want to promote on this new platform for Quibblers. Your product will appear here “incognito” which means that the shopper will not be able to see your store name until they get an agreed price from you and then click the link in the Approved Offer email that Quibble send and buy the product.

The great news is that Quibble is Free to install and use for 30 days, after that you only get charged when a Quibble sale is made. The charge is 2.5% on the actual purchase, so it’s actually really good, because it’s now a sale of an item that you previously may have had a problem selling.

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