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The Quibble app is free to try out for 30 days!

Then there is a charge of 2.5% only on sales that are attributed to Quibble app  – after the 30 days.

There are no fixed monthly fees.

You only pay for what you use.

How it works.

After the free trial for 30 days, there is a charge of 2.5% commission on any sales taken using our app.
(Shipping charges are not included)

Quibble app uses Shopify’s Usage Billing API.

This means that you are only charged for those sales made using our app and this is tracked by Shopify.

And you can also set a specific maximum permitted charge – top end amount, for each month in advance.

You will be asked to authorize this through a Shopify controlled popup that asks your permission to track it for their Usage Billing.

Please note, that when you install our app for the first time you will also be asked to authorize a $1 dollar permitted charge limit, by Shopify, as the maximum permitted Usage charge.

This is done only to alert Shopify Usage billing, that you have now installed our app and they will now start to track sales taken using our app.

You will not be charged this $1 during the free trial period.

After 30 days, you can choose to uninstall the app, with no charge,  or continue using it.

When you continue to use it, you can set a new top level monthly amount usage charge, for your store.

For example: our commission is 2.5%, so if you set a maximum monthly charge of $10 – it means you can sell $400 worth of sales using Quibble.

You can reset this permitted charge level at any time.

It is not a fixed charge, so for months where you may not have used it all up,
you will only be charged for what you have used.

Quibble will help you bring in more sales,
and our fair pricing model (Usage Billing) means that you will only be charged on those additional sales, so it earns its keep!

So why not try it out today?
Its quick to install and easy to use.

Quibble will help you Engage and Convert more visitors into paying customers!

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