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How To Use Quibble

How To Use Quibble

Getting Started – Set Up

Setting up your Merchants Email to Receive Quibbles and Setting Your Time Limits

As a first time user of Quibble, there are just a couple of things you need to do to set everything up.

Step 1

When you click on the Quibble App, you will see four buttons on the top of the page.

Where to find your AppsList of Apps in your Shopify StoreQuibble App Options

Step 2

Click on the Settings page. 

Quibble Homepage with store products listed

Step 3

Input your Offer Time Limit.

*On this page you can set your Automatically Accepted Price Ranges and Offer Time Limits. Put simply, an Offer Time Limit is the time before the offer runs out. For example, if you set this to 12 hours, and you do not receive a reply from the shopper on the item Quibbled within this timeframe, the offer will expire. So therefore, we recommend that you set this to least 48 hours to allows an adequate amount of time for the shopper to complete the purchase.

Settings PageAdding Quibble to Your Products

How to Add a Quibble Button to your Product Page

Step 1

Simply click on the Quibble App and select the product you would like to add the Quibble to.Product Description Page Without Quibble ButtonList of Apps in your Shopify StoreQuibble Homepage with products listed

Step 2

When you click “Add Quibble!” you will be asked to set an acceptable price range percentage for the product.

Add Quibble Popup to Add Your Acceptable Prince Range Percentage

Step 3

You can set an acceptable price range percentage or leave this at 0%. If you set an acceptable price range percentage of 10% this means that if the shopper offers anything 10% or a lesser percentage off the original price, their offer will be automatically approved.

Adding Acceptable Price Range Percentage to the Popup Window

Step 4

Now if you go back into your store’s webpage and hit refresh you will see that the Quibble button has appeared.

A Quibble Button has been added to your store

How to Add Multiple Quibbles to Your Store

If you have lots of items you would like to put the Quibble button on at the same time, you can easily do this at the same time.

Step 1

On the Products page, check the products you would like to add Quibble to.

Multiple Products Selected to be Quibbled

Step 2

Simply click the green “Add Quibble (multiple)” button.

Click this button to add multiple Quibbles

Step 3

You know that you have successfully added Quibble to multiple products because now, instead of the product saying Add Quibble, it now says Remove Quibble.

Multiple Products Successfully Added Quibble to

Adding Quibble Incognito

When you cannot visibly offer a reduced price, or add a Quibble button to an item in your own store due to supplier agreements, then you can use one of our great features that we call Quibble Incognito. This allows you to take offers privately on any item, by listing it in Quibble Marketplace!

Step 1

To secretly list in the Marketplace you just select the item in the app manager products page and click the green”List” button.List

List Popup

Step 2

Choose the appropriate category and set an acceptable price range percentage and that’s it!List Popup

Step 3

If you go back to Quibble Marketplace and refresh the page you can see that your product is in the Marketplace, available to Quibblers who are looking for a good deal on products. When you click back into your store, you can see that there still is no Quibble button on your product page. All your offers will come through Quibble Marketplace.

Setting up Automatic Discounts

How to Setup Automatically Acceptable Price Range Percentage.

Automatically Acceptable Price Range Percentages can save you a lot of time. You can simply decide what price range percentage you will accept on any product. If a person matches that price range pecentage or offers a price above it, they will automatically receive an approval email advising them that they were successful.

Step 1

You can either set up acceptable price range percentages per product by clicking on the product.

Quibble Homepage with products listed

Step 2

And putting in the acceptable price range percentage you will accept.

 Add Your Acceptable Price Range Percentage


Click on (not set) under “Optional – %” off next to the item you wish to set the acceptable price range percentage on. Enter your auto acceptable price range percentage and hit apply.

List of ProductsAdditional Auto acceptable price range percentage


you can set a storewide automatically acceptable price range percentage by going into your settings and apply a price range percentage you will accept on all quibbles.

Quibble App Settings Page


How to Manage Quibble Offers from Shoppers

How to Accept an Offer

The first part of the process has begun and a customer has made an offer! Now all you need to do is accept the offer to complete the purchase. Here is how to do it.

Step 1

To accept an Offer you simply click the “Offers” page, where you will see your offers.Offers Tab

Step 2

Simply click on the green “Approve” checkmark. The Shopper will receive an email to advise them that their offer has been accepted.

Accept, Reject or Counter an Offer

Approve Checkmark

How to Reject an Offer

We advise rather than rejecting an offer, to counter it instead, however, if you decide that the offer is far below what you can accept.

Step 1

Simply click on the Offers page and click on the red “Reject” X mark to reject it.Accept, Reject or Counter an Offer

Reject X Mark

How to Counter an Offer

This is an excellent feature as it enables you to go back to the shopper and bargain with them on a price.

Step 1

Open your Offers page. Here you will see offers and simply click on the red arrows “Counter” offer symbol.

Accept, Reject or Counter an Offer

Counter Offer

Step 2

Now enter the amount you are willing to accept.Counter Offer Popup

Adding Your Product to Quibble Marketplace

How to Add a Product to Marketplace

There are a couple of ways you can add your products to the marketplace.

Step 1

To start you can see here that product the is not listed on Quibble Marketplace.

Quibble Marketplace New Products

Step 2

Now go into your Quibble App and click on the products page and either manually search for the product you want to add or type into the search box to filter your products.Product highlighted

Step 3

Once found you the product you want to list in the Marketplace simply click on “List.”

List button

Step 4

When you click on “List” you’ll then be asked what category you wish to promote it in. Simply select the category the product belongs to, input your auto accept discount percentage and voila!Product List Popup

Step 5

Now go back to Quibble Marketplace and refresh your browser. Your product will instantly appear in Quibble Marketplace as a new arrival as well as on the appropriate product category page.

Quibble Marketplace New Arrivals 2

*Please note the shopper will not see your branding/shop name until they offer an amount and you accept it. When they click on the link it will bring them to your checkout page.

Removing Your Product from Quibble 

How to Remove Your Product from Quibble Marketplace or Remove a Quibble Button

Step 1

To remove a Quibble button from an item or to remove it from the Marketplace, go to the Products page and select either the “Quibble Status (active)” setting and click filter – or the “Marketplace listings” and click filter – to easily show all your active Quibble items and quickly find the one you wish to remove.

Quibble Button on ProductQuibble Marketplace New Arrivals 2

Step 2

Then just click “remove Quibble” or “Unlist.”

Unlist from Quibble Marketplace

Step 3

Now, this item is no longer listed in Quibble Marketplace or features a Quibble button in your items store page.

Quibble Marketplace New Products

No Quibble Button on your product

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