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How it Works

Quibble has several great features that will help stores to easily engage their visitors, increase their conversion rates, build loyalty and easily grow more business.

At its core is a unique price negotiation system that allows stores, to offer their visitors an easy way to privately make them an offer – on selected items.

Stores can choose which items to accept offers on, and simply add the Quibble button to these products.

So stores can select clearance lines, slow moving stock, or even special promotional items to add the Quibble feature to.

Quibble has an easy to use app manager that sits right in your Shopify store dashboard, so stores can choose from a number of simple options and quickly and easily, generate more opportunities and business.

The Quibble app works by allowing your store visitors to privately make you offers on items featuring a Quibble button. You can choose whether to accept, reject or counter the offer, without even needing to know who the customer is at that point.

We have made the Quibble customer anonymous to the store in the early stages of the transaction for a number of reasons, to encourage comparison shoppers to submit offers in an environment where they feel safe and secure and in the knowledge they will not receive unwanted correspondence from a store, and to allow these visitors to easily engage with a store, to create optimism and excitement for them, to provide them with a safe environment to negotiate with you!

In making you an offer, they are already halfway to buying it!

Easily Managing the Offers

Our Quibble app manager gives your store an easy way to manage Quibble offers. With a single click a store can accept, or reject an offer.

However the store (you) can also choose to counter the offer!

This is very easy to do in our app manager. The store can choose the ‘counter option’, and enter a more acceptable price which is automatically sent back to the customer for a decision. This allows a store to get the best deal they can on any item, and customers love the interaction!

Benefits of Quibble:

  • Turns more of your store visitors into paying customers!
  • Increases your conversion rates – grows your business.
  • Helps to clears old stock quickly.
  • Provides additional opportunities to sell. (Quibble marketplace)
  • Promotes customer loyalty for your store.
  • Gives you greater marketing opportunities for promotions, Quibble landing pages etc
  • Increased opportunities for new customer acquisitions.
  • Peace of Mind (all sales happen in your Shopify checkout – no third parties involved)
  • Pricing (free to try for 30 days) Then you only pay as you use it!
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