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Quibble Ltd was formed in late 2016, by Daniel Leahy and Maria Cunningham (From Ireland). Daniel is an online innovator and Maria is a technical marketing expert, together they make a powerful combination! After having a number of successful business’s they combined forces and developed Quibble.

Daniel was an early pioneer in e-commerce (1997) having set up and managed a number of successful online stores himself, he understands the frustrations Merchants encounter, spending lots of time and money on SEO, google Adwords and marketing, only for store visitors to leave and buy somewhere else.  

Maria is an award-winning technical marketing expert, she is also an internet pioneer setting up her first website also in 1997. She is passionate about helping merchants increase their conversions online.

Quibble was invented to help Shopify Merchants increase their conversion rates, by stopping the comparison shopper in their tracks before they leave the website. We designed Quibble to be very user-Friendly. We want everyone to use it, it is a tool for merchants and for shoppers alike. The Shopper can interact with the merchant and look for a better price on an item. The Merchant can counter offer and hopefully get the price they can on an item.

We created Quibble to help Shopify Store Owners increase their conversion rates and get more sales!!! It is a very competitive environment out there and a tool like Quibble makes it easier for you to do this.

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