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Incredibly Simple To Use

Quibble!, is a new powerful tool for Shopify Merchants which is incredibly simple to use. It is a private Negotiation Tool. It allows your online store visitors to offer you a price on a product privately. It gives your store visitors an easy way to engage with you, and interrupts their comparison shopping online, they will delay leaving to go to another site, if they can easily engage and begin private negotiations with you.

Powerful Features

As a Merchant you can choose to set an automatic discount level that you are happy with on a product, or even choose to review any offers made for a product. You can even make a private counter offer to a customer, who has given you an initial offer that you think is not good enough. You can select whatever products you want to promote and within two clicks they will be live. The Quibble/Make an Offer button is automatically customized to suit your branding. It will appear just under your add to cart button, only for the items you choose to take Quibble offers on.

Merchant Has Total Control

All agreed Quibble transactions take place in the Merchants own Shopify store checkout. Stores can decide which products to offer the Quibble feature on and also if they wish, what automated discounts to set on those products, or even to manually review all offers on an item.

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Automation Tool

Enables stores to set an acceptable price range. – to just put the Quibble button on an item and set an acceptable discount % on it – and forget about it…knowing that the first price within that acceptable discount range will be automatically accepted and instantly convert that offer into a sale.

Private Sale

Shoppers can make offers anonymously – so they feel empowered and will quickly use Quibble to engage with stores.  When the Store agrees (approves) a Quibble offer, our app sends a link to that customer that automatically places the item directly into the stores shopping cart, enabling a quick and easy conclusion for the sale.

Marketplace Incognito

The Incognito feature is important because due to MAP agreements and competitors, some stores may prefer not to place the Quibble button on their product pages.  Being able to actively take offers on their products without actually showing or promoting discounts on their own websites can be very attractive to some stores.

Timely Offer

In non-automated offer acceptance settings – When a Shopper Quibbles a product, stores have 11 hours to decide if they will accept the offer.  Once the Quibble is accepted by the store, the customer has a limited time to complete the purchase. After that time the Quibble offer is cancelled, so by knowing this, it gives the shopper a sense of urgency to complete the purchase or loose their offer acceptance.

Branded Button

The’Quibble’ button will automatically take the colors from your store and use them,  to keep the look of your store’s design consistent.


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